Decorating For You: How To Jump Start Your Next Project

Context is everything when it comes to interior design. A fabulous cream shag rug paired with

a white linen sofa looks wonderful in a pristinely designed environment, accented with

vases overflowing with freshly cut flowers (in grabbing range of a toddler), and silk pillows

with opulent trim always look so inviting till they become dog toys.

What we’re talking are about is designing for the way you live. Do you love your beach cottage

and rent it out as one customer mentioned the majority of the year, having to replace bedding

every season due to wear and tear? Do your puppies sleep in your bed and enjoy your

duvet cover as much as you do? If so, then paying attention to function, along with form is as

important as buying something that works stylistically. In this post I want to focus on desiging the

way you live. Highlighting Function, Style and Practicality


Design for the way you live while also paying attention to the care instructions and resilience of

the fabrics you are putting in your home. Check cleanability when choosing floor coverings such

as area rugs.  Don't shy away from high quality synthetic rugs. There are some amazing

indoor/outdoor area rugs that would easily work inside the home, especially in high

traffic areas. We suggest selecting area rug  materials for high traffic areas that  withstand the

abuse of being walked on more consistently than other areas. Select an area rug either with a

very tight weave in a man-made fiber blend or consider one of the indoor outdoor area rugs I

mentioned previously for higher traffic areas.


 Another aspect of designing for the way you live is to take into account the color palette of the

items you are choosing. If you want a light and bright room like the one I described above,

consider using high quality outdoor fabric in neutral colors that are all weather solution dyed

acrylic fabrics that have pet and kid friendly written all over them, and are perfect for major

upholstery pieces. This will allow you to use lighter colors without the worry factor.


Use the precious and pricey statement fabrics that can easily be sent out for cleaning versus

covering an entire sofa in them. Think about selecting a color on your high ticket items such as

your dream sofa that will mask every day wear and tear, and extend the life of the items.

When designing a room with proper function, form and a tasteful color palette, decadent fabrics

and textures are important, but what is even more important is how the space is utilized and how

the chosen materials and furnishings enhance your everyday enjoyment. 

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to create a worry free space that you can enjoy for 

many years to come.

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