4 Simple Steps To Organize Your Home

4 Simple Steps To Organize Your Home

It’s the simplest home decorating tips that help to build a peaceful, enlightening home.

KISS – Keep it simple silly. Look at the walls, shelves, cabinets and ask, ‘Do I really need all this?

How to do it:

Your goal is to sort into four simple piles, with the goal to make your last two your biggest piles.

Love – Can’t live without seeing it every day? Does it "spark joy" as Marie Kondo says? If so, it can


Store – Sentimental in nature, but not relevant to your current style? Keep in storage for 

reminiscing in appropriate times.

Sell – No emotional value, but still valuable? Sell it so you can fund your new decorating budget.

Trash – No value to you sentimentally or monetarily? Broken, Chipped, With Holes, Outdated Paperwork or Magazines....seriously, it's time to let go! 

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