How To Hang Art In Your Home

How To Hang Art In Your Home

Here are some amazing tips to create a home centered on unique finds, both new and vintage and

incorporate the beauty of folk art into your home. If you have a family piece, a woven textile or

hand knotted area rug, start with that and build your color scheme or wall art layout idea around

that piece.


1. Start with a favorite focal point, this will be the basis for the design, your seating

arrangements and wall art configuration. A really interesting alcove, angled wall in a contrasting

color or a fireplace are all great starting points to highlight architecture with correctly scaled art



2. Build from the center out. Do you have an odd shaped room or wall that you are trying to

create a really balanced feel in? Let's say you have an off-centered wall off at an entry way or

wall that lines up with a hallway. Simply center the largest or main focal piece in line with the

way you enter the room. This helps create a balanced and neat aesthetic.


3. Don't hang art too high! This is the biggest mistake that most people make when placing art

in their home. Yes, sometimes it is unavoidable due to small children or unusually high chair

rails but err on the side of caution - hanging art too high is common. Instead, shoot for 48" on

center with the art print. It sounds low, and you can certainly adjust to personal taste but gallery

installers use this trick all the time. Wall art is easier to appreciate when it is hung at a reasonable

height for us average height folks! Simply measure from the floor up 48" (the center of the print

should hang at 48"). Adjust to your personal taste and lifestyle!


4. Group small pieces in multiples for maximum impact. Space evenly (a frame and a half's

width (and you can incorporate the matte width too if needed) is a general starting point...but

always go with your gut instinct when hanging wall art.

Please note that many of these pieces come framed and ready to hang! Which is great for that

instant wall art re-do before the holidays.


Please reach us if you have any questions about the art we've mentioned in this article or with

your design ideas, questions, and feedback. We'd love to hear from you about how you've

incorporated our pieces into your home and interior design projects!
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