Fabulous Mother's Day Gifts For Any Budget: Part 1

Fabulous Mother's Day Gifts For Any Budget: Part 1

Now that I am a mom myself, I realize what Mother's Day really means and I appreciate this day

so much more! If you are stumped at what to give mom for the holiday, take a look at this list I

have compiled of my top 7 gift ideas for Mother's Day (Dads heed my suggestions!)

1. Maybe it's a day that starts off with a simple coffee and scone in bed, complete with a little

flower picked by your child (with Dad's help) and a fun hand drawn card or placemat. Take a

look at the darling Little Art Prints by Rebecca Puig and Sugarboo Designs to get some ideas on

how children's art informs her pieces. Better yet, let the kids pick out one of her prints that he or

she thinks mom will like.

2. Sleep in an extra half hour and be treated to a pedicure? All while dad takes the kids to the

park? It’s a great Mother's Day treat that most moms I know would love. The gift of time away

from the kids for even part of the day so mom can have a free pass is also a great idea -

especially if you have young children. Present a cute kid-made coupon book of activities that

frees mom up - free babysitting from dad included!

3. Does Mom have a favorite decorating color, saying or photo? Take a wonderful picture of the

kids and have it printed to fit in a unique photo frame with a favorite quote. I’ve been told

Walgreens has a new application that allows you to do this via phone. Print it out in a beautiful

sepia tone and put in one of our lovely Sugarboo Designs small antique picture frames made in

USA by the talented Rebecca Puig. This idea is priced at 80.00 with free shipping – and these

picture frames with quotes can even be personalized with your children's names for just 25.00 if

desired. It's not something most moms would take time to do for themselves, and receiving it as a

Mother's Day gift can make it all the more meaningful. Check out some of our Mom themed

quote frames here.

4. Flowers go very, very, very far and are available at any budget. My favorite flowers come

from Trader Joe's out here in California and the kids can even go with dad and have each child

pick their favorite growers bunch, put them together to make a personal bouquet and put them in

a beautiful vase or vintage jar around the home or pick up a cute vintage blue ball jar as a

keepsake. Dad can help arrange these and make a truly personal bouquet and the kids will have

fun telling mom which colors or flower they chose and why. I am sure the answers will be


Catch us next week for the final three ideas to make Mom’s day!
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