Fabulous Mother's Day Gifts For Any Budget: Part 2

Fabulous Mother's Day Gifts For Any Budget: Part 2

Finally! Here’s the follow up to last week’s Mother’s Day gift ideas - with something for every


5. Hand Painted Print Activity! For a truly homespun idea that you can repeat every year, give

mom a lovely hand print of each child she can keep. These can be done at the hobby studio in

clay, on a simple tile that can be painted and fired in a paint it yourself pottery studio. Or get a

small store bought canvas and make a handprint with the appropriate paint. Don't forget to let

your child write his or her name and year along the bottom so that you have a record of when the

print was made. Each year give mom one of these until the kids can't fit their hand on the tile or

canvas anymore. They'll be lovely hanging along one wall in a grid with different colors and

designs for a truly eclectic and priceless gift.

6. Pamper, Pamper, Pamper. You don't need to send mom off to a luxury day spa to give her a

special moment to herself. Beautiful signature scented potions from Olivina Napa Valley such as

our Hand and Body Wash and Hand and Body Lotion or Hand Cream come beautifully packaged

and last a long time so mom can treat herself on a daily basis. Simply add a few votives, maybe a

wonderful new robe or monogrammed towel and slippers to make a wonderful bath and beauty

themed gift. Gather a stack of mom's favorite home decor magazines, some bubble bath and send

her to retreat while the kids watch a movie and have pizza! Not sure which scent to pick? Our

most popular of the Olivina lotion products is the Olive hand and body lotion.

7. Give younger kids a leg up. Work on the Mother's Day Cards by prompting them with a

statement like: ‘My favorite thing to do with mommy is…’ or ‘I love my mom because...’ It will

make their artwork and thoughts more tangible on why you are going to the trouble of making

mommy a card and a fun thing for dad to write along the bottom of a card in a caption...

remember kids do really say the most priceless things so try to keep it in their tone of voice!!

When it comes to gift giving remember a few things. Made it memorable, make it personal, and

make it easy on yourself! The best gifts do really come from the heart and at any budget! As

always, thanks for visiting us and send us your design questions and comments!
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