How To Decorate Your Walls: Creating A Gallery Feel At Home

How To Decorate Your Walls: Creating A Gallery Feel At Home

If you are looking for a great spring decorating project, look to your walls! Is your wall art in

need of a quick refresher course in style? Try creating a focal point wall of new framed prints

for sale with old art prints that you've had sitting in the corner of the closet and fill an entire

wall with fun art prints. The stranger the better! I've seen vintage botanical prints, mixed with

folk art and vintage concert posters all look amazing. As long as these items are unified with

either a frame or matte color, the effect can be astounding.

Incorporate three dimensional pieces such as shadow boxes and beautiful wrapped canvases

to create depth and interest. Shadow boxes are a great way to incorporate those wonderful

souvenir shells picked up at the beach, artfully arranged pressed flowers and even vintage

photographs and mementos.

 DIY Wall Art

I picked up a lovely shadowbox which came standard with tiny pins, labels and lined in a neutral

linen. The best part of this is that the lid is actually hinged, so this wall art can be displayed in a

multitude of ways. I incorporated some beachy shells, a vintage beach postcard picked up at a

local antiques shop. When I tire of this, I will change it up with some vintage Boy Scout patches

and relics from my husband's childhood.

 The main thing to keep in mind when you are refreshing your wall art display is that sometimes

you need to rethink the pieces you already have. Take a look at our wonderful Rebecca Puig

wall art which can easily stand on its own on a beautifully painted wall as a statement piece or

be an anchor piece to one of those beautiful collage walls that incorporates all different types

of wall art.
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