Unique Home Decor Pieces Give a Sense of Place in Today's Cookie Cutter Homes.

Unique Home Decor Pieces Give a Sense of Place in Today's Cookie Cutter Homes.

I am a firm believer in an eclectic décor. Hopefully you see that in the pages of our store here at

Daniel Dry Goods. With an emphasis on Made in the USA furniture, folk art prints and American

made home décor, I felt like it was important to pick items that were of value with authentic

materials like reclaimed wood furniture, artisan crafted reclaimed ceiling tin mirrors, and

woven vintage style textiles that our parents and grandparents would appreciate.

In a time when we are truly careful about the things we choose to spend our hard earned

money on, and only desire to surround ourselves with the things that bring us joy and

happiness, rather than "stuff" to fill a space. When you are outfitting a space that transcends

trends and speaks to your personal tastes, interests and motivations, you've created a sense of

place that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. This kind of decorating doesn't happen overnight, it's a

process and it's all about the journey about discovering pieces that speak to you and reflect the

way you want to live.


Outfitting a home is much like curating a collection of useful things and happy moments that

make you feel comfortable in your own surroundings and that lift your spirit. The effortless

feeling of a space is what real decorating is all about. Authentic and real and never contrived.

It doesn't have to match and it doesn't have to happen overnight! 


Sit, relax, dream, and browse. When something speaks to you, that's the thing you should

consider bringing into your home.
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