Make Mine Rustic and Reclaimed: Reclaimed wood furniture for the home

Posted by Alison Daniel on

It’s hard to not be excited about the by the wonderful reclaimed wood furniture and mirrors by the artists from the Dryads Dancing collection, which is why we’re thrilled to be featuring it in the blog this week.

We've shipped these all over the USA – it’s popular everywhere. Contact us for any custom options if needed.

If you are looking for great rustic, yet modern furniture for your living space - this is it.

Made in the USA, there’s the option of choosing two different finish options for the frames and

reclaimed wood. There's plenty of time to get reclaimed furniture pieces in order to enjoy them for the rest of the season.

The artists at Dryads Dancing take a great deal of pride and effort in each piece they turn out.

Whether you are looking for a  complete bedroom set or just the perfect statement piece to add to

your collection, we suggest checking out their fabulous selection of reclaimed wood furniture.

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